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Calamus SL 2015 School License (en)

You are teacher in a school / university and want to use Calamus in a classroom? Then the Calamus School License fits your purposes perfectly! You will get the unlimited full version with 30 users licenses plus the most important additional purchase module (Bridge 7) included. More important modules can be purchased in inexpensive module bundles. Get it now!

Purchase Calamus School License right now!

Calamus School License FAQ:

Calamus is a professional DTP program with genius functions and higher precision than other systems. Documents don't change when you simply change the printer driver.
DTP means DeskTop Publishing. You can compose and publish complete school magazines, books, brochures and much more with your computer.
  • virtual frames
  • manual kerning
  • masks with and for everything
  • automatic text flow around objects
  • precision up to the printer pixel and even more
  • perfect screen print preview
  • extreme zoom steps
  • high quality film output available
  • unlimited document sizes
  • no special printing RIP required
  • no special large scale printing software required
  • plotters can be used
  • smart interface for simple usage of functions and frames
  • The Calamus School License fits for almost all purposes.
  • There are some more modules at hot prices.
  • All other additional modules are very inexpensive, too.
  • Beside the Windows TTF and PostScript Type 1 fonts, there are more than thousand professional Calamus fonts at a very low price (only 15 EUR for each font face).
  • You will merely need other software. You can do many illustrations in Calamus already.
  • After you imported images in Calamus, you can easily edit them (even without Photoshop), e.g. with control curves and histogram functions.
  • Single document components can be saved with the basic tools from Calamus: single pages, texts, macros, styles. This is very important when working in a school magazine team – other application don't offer this.
  • PostScript printers are not required for separation and rasterization. Simple print forms can be created with laser printers (600/1200 dpi) for saving pre-press costs. Even for cheap laser printers you can (re)define the raster dots.
  • Works under Windows and Mac OS with the same documents and fonts.
  • Eddie offers automatic and controlled text corrections. The S&R engine in Eddie is a powerful tool. At a glance all hyphens and quotation marks are corrected (and even more ...)
  • The smart ASCII Import imports each damned file and offers character exchange in order to get the right special characters.
  • Newbees will not forget to send the required images and fonts to the print shop, because these parts are embedded in the document (or PDF) already. No lost paths or stuff.
  • full version with 30 users license
  • Bridge 7 full version
  • free support
  • for 499 EUR only (plus pp&h)
Commercial usage is forbidden. Beside this point, the basic license agreement terms are valid.
  1. Send us your current school/student passport by fax (+49-5432-92074) or E-Mail.
  2. Submit your credit card data, or ask for other ways of payment
Yes, but not all. There are special price bundles for the Calamus School License, see below.

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Calamus SL 2015 School licentie, incl. Bridge 7 PRO (Release 4)
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Productief pakje: HiResdata-manager + Tiffie
Special price for School license only!
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