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Calamus SLC: Complete Edition (en)

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Calamus SLC 2015 Complete Edition

Very often in the past, we were asked for a special price for a complete Calamus package, meaning Calamus All Inclusive! We decided to offer a Complete Edition of Calamus. This package is called Calamus SLC and contains all additional modules and additional drivers which can be distributed free by us.

Calamus SL 2015 (Release 4)199,00 EUR
Align-Tools (v 2.08)49,00 EUR
CalPlot (v 2.15)79,00 EUR
Calipso 3 PRO (v 3.35)149,00 EUR
Collektor (v 1.08)29,00 EUR
Coördinaten-manager (v 2.05)49,00 EUR
Document-informatie (v 1.08)29,00 EUR
Filter module (v 4.09)79,00 EUR
FonTools (v 2.14)79,00 EUR
GuideLiner (v 2.13)59,00 EUR
HUTE (Hulptekens-editor) (v 1.07)79,00 EUR
HiResdata-manager (v 7.00)69,00 EUR
Indexer PRO (v 3.02)49,00 EUR
LIBerty (v 1.09)49,00 EUR
Laufweiten-Manager (v 2.12)49,00 EUR
LineArt 2 (v 2.04)79,00 EUR
Locator (v 1.24)49,00 EUR
Maat-module (v 3.03)59,00 EUR
Macro-Manager (v 4.00)49,00 EUR
Merge (v 4.20)79,00 EUR
Montage PRO (v 3.53)99,00 EUR
Multikleur-Verloop (v 2.07)49,00 EUR
PDF-print (v 2.05)39,00 EUR
PNG-import (v 1.16)19,00 EUR
PS-print (v 5.03)59,00 EUR
PSD-import PRO (v 2.12)49,00 EUR
Paint (v 3.09)79,00 EUR
Pas- en snijtekens (v 1.08)29,00 EUR
Personalisator + numeroteurs (v 4.11)59,00 EUR
Positioner (v 2.10)49,00 EUR
RAL CLASSIC + RAL DESIGN kleurpaletten (v 1.03)39,00 EUR
SAR-Module (Zoek & vervang) (v 1.06)49,00 EUR
Select (v 4.00)69,00 EUR
TIFF-Print (v 5.06)59,00 EUR
TIFF-spooler (v 2.09)99,00 EUR
Tiffie (v 7.12)49,00 EUR
V-objecten (v 1.26)29,00 EUR
Virtualiseerder (v 1.08)29,00 EUR
Sum for Calamus SLC 2015:
2362,00 EUR
Calamus SLC2015 (Complete editie) (Release 4)
Compleet-uitgave tegen speciale prijs – U bespaart momenteel 57,70 %.
Leveringsomvang | Feature-lijst
vroeger 1999,00 EUR
nu 999,00 EUR

You save 57,70% at the moment when you buy the Complete Edition.

Order your Calamus SLC right now and here.

Calamus SLC campaign for active Calamus users

If you work with Calamus already and want to complete your personal version to Calamus SLC 2015, you can easily do this. If you order all products mentioned above which you do not already own or which require an upgrade for your Calamus serial number, you will get a special rebate of 25 %.

My Calamus (As you know, we add a so-called Customer's Data Sheet to Calamus postal shipments. This sheet lists all additional modules for Calamus which are registered here in our records for your. If you want to get the complete upgrade to Calamus SLC 2015, simply go to the service area My Calamus and chose My Calamus Offer there. Click on (with SLC Special Occasion) there and you will see your current savings. You can check online at any time if we have registered all purchased modules without mistakes. Don't be afraid – we will not ship modules which you already own.)

So: Complete your current Calamus right now and save 25%.

Order your Calamus SLC right now and here.

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