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Font Tools

In Calamus you can use Calamus fonts in CFN format. As an alternative, use in Calamus SL even TrueType Fonts and PostScript Type 1 fonts which are shipped with your operating system or from various font shops. We also offer some of these fonts by URW++.

The following tools can be used for editing CFN fonts:

FonTools Calamus Module: Powerful toolbox for font editing (CFN and Type-1), with font catalog output and Euro characters library.

Type Art
Type Art TypeArt 2 is an external TOS program for creating, editing and caring Calamus fonts in CFN format. It loads and saves CVG and EPS graphics, too. Very rich vector editing functions.
Now bundled with Type-2-Type, a font converter from PS Type 1 (PC format with file extension *.PFB) to Calamus format *.CFN.

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FonTools (v 2.14)
Calamus Module: New enhanced collection of font tools with automatic font converter to CFN
reg. 100.00 EUR
only 79.00 EUR
FonTools (v 2.14) Upgrade from v1
reg. 50.00 EUR
only 39.00 EUR
Type Art (v 2.00)
The best CFN Font Editor ever, now included: Type-2-Type v1.03 (Font Converter from Type-1 (PC format) to CFN)
reg. 100.00 EUR
only 79.00 EUR
Type Art (v 2.00) Upgrade from v1.x
reg. 79.00 EUR
only 50.00 EUR

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