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Nimbus Sans Europa 1 Standard package (URW)++

Nimbus Sans Europa 1 Standard package (URW)++

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Are you already writing European?

Europe has grown together. There are now 27 countries with all together about 500 million people in the European Union, but only a few computer fonts offer the abundance of special characters required for Slavic and Baltic languages.

URW++ has always had an excellent offering of typefaces with complete character sets for Western and Eastern Europe as well as for Greek and Cyrillic. Absolutely up-to-date, we offer our Nimbus Sans in complete European character sets. All European languages including Baltic and Greek are supported and we examined the entry candidates on the basis of their typographic individuality and even furnished our European fonts with all special characters for Maltese(!). Also we have taken care of possible future entry candidates; Romanian and Cyrillic character sets are also included. Just in time, we are proud to be able to come up with this unusual and - above all - unusually attractive offer for the European Union expansion: The URW classic Nimbus Sans as comprehensive Europe font package!

  • The Standard package Nimbus Sans Europe 1 contains the four weights Regular, Regular Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic.
  • The Condensed package Nimbus Sans Europe 2 contains the four weights Regular Condensed, Regular Italic Condensed, Bold Condensed, and Bold Italic Condensed.
  • The Light package Nimbus Sans Europe 3 contains the four weights Light, Light Italic, Light Condensed, and Light Condensed Italic.
  • The Black package Nimbus Sans Europe 4 contains the four weights Black, Black Italic, Black Condensed, and Black Condensed Italic.
  • And most important of all: You receive all essential codepage layouts for the first time together on CD-ROM: West, Cyrillic, Central European (all Eastern European languages including the necessary additions Baltic for PC and/or Romanian for Mac), Greek and Turkish!

    The fonts support the following languages: Albanian, Bulgarian, Danish, German, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, Greek, Italian, Croatian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Maltese, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Serbian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish, Czech, Turkish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Belarus.

    All Nimbus Sans Europa packages are available

    The Nimbus Sans Europe is available in all important codepage layouts: Western, Central European, Greek, Turkish – and, of course, also Cyrillic.

    Zie hier een overzicht van alle fonts aanwezig op deze CD (PDF).

    For all URW++ font collections offered here, the URW++ license agreement is valid as shown here in PDF format.

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