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Module Abbreviations + Acronyms (en)

What do all these modules abbreviations stand for?

For modules and drivers, the Version Checker can show various information which e.g. contain these strange 3 or 4 char abbreviations. Similar abbreviations can be found in all module ZIP archives and even the module product pages on this website show these acronyms. This page shows the relations between modules and abbreviations.

_LNA lna LineArt 2 mod X
&LNA lna LineArt 2 mod X
AIMi aim AIM-Import drv X X
aPsd psd PSD Import PRO drv X
asCK clk Clock mod X
asDI dif Document Information mod X X
asED edd Eddie mod X X
asFT fil Filter module mod X
asPN pnt Paint mod X
asPS psp PS Print prin X
asSP pas Cut´n´Crop Marks mod X X
asTB bom Bombadil mod X X X X
asTE tce CXmy Editor mod X X X
asTP tpr TIFF Print prin X
asTS spo TIFF Spooler mod X
asVF vir Virtualizer mod X X
asVI hdm High-Resolution Data Manager mod X
asVX kol Collector mod X X
aTif tif Tiffie drv X
AuSs aus Imposition PRO mod X
BEDE bed CUTE (Cut´n´crop marks editor) mod X
BMPx bmp BMP Graphics Import/Export drv X X
BRI7 bri Bridge 7 PRO mod X X
bri7 brl Bridge 7 lite mod X
CCLC cfc Colour List Converter mod X X X
CCOM com Image Compression mod X X
CFCS foc Focoltone palette mod X X
CRDx crd Calamus Raster Document Import/Export (CRD) drv X X X
CRGe crge Calamus Raster Graphics Export (CRG) drv X X X
CRGi crgi Calamus Raster Graphics Import (CRG) drv X X X
CSWP swp CMYK Plane Swapper mod X X X
CTDx ctd Calamus Text Document Import/Export (CTD) drv X X X
CTXi ctx Calamus Text Import (CTX) drv X X X
CVDx cvd Calamus Vector Document Import/Export (CVD) drv X X X
CVGe cvge Calamus Vector Graphics Export (CVG) drv X X X
CVGi cvgi Calamus Vector Graphics Import (CVG) drv X X X
DCNV dco Document Converter mod X X X
DEGi deg DEGAS Elite drv X X
DITH ssp StarScreening PRO mod X X
EPSi eps Adobe Photoshop EPS Image Import drv X X
ESMe esme ESM (Cranach) Export drv X X
ESMi esmi ESM (Cranach) Import drv X X
EWMF wmf WMF/EMF Import/Export Driver drv X X
FFRL frl FrankLIN mod X X
FGEN rge Raster Generator mod X X X
FRAM frm Frame Editing mod X X X
FTDW wop Wopper mod X X X
FTNv nav Navigator mod X X
HKSE hks HKS palettes mod X X
HKSK hks HKS palettes mod X X
HKSN hks HKS palettes mod X X
HKSZ hks HKS palettes mod X X
HPGi hpg HPGL Graphics (Import) drv X X
IFFi iff IFF Import (Interchange File Format) drv X X
IMGe imge GEM Image (Export) drv X X
IMGi imgi GEM Image (Import) drv X X
iFT1 ft1 Type 1 Font Loader drv X X X
iFTT fnt FonTools mod X
iAIE aie ASCII Import/Export drv X X
iBLD bld MegaPaint BLD Import drv X X
iGEM gem GEM Import drv X X
iGIF gif GIF 89a Import drv X X
InDe idx Indexer PRO mod X
iPER per Personalizer + Numbering Machines mod X X
iPFB pfb PS Type 1 Fontloader (Windows + Mac OS X) drv X X
iPIC pic PICT Import (256c) drv X X
iPNG png PNG Import drv X
iRTF rtf RTF-ImEx drv X X
iTTF ttf TrueType Fontloader drv X X
iWPL wpl 1st Word PLUS Text Import drv X X
JPGE jpg JPEG Export drv X X
JPGI jpgi JPEG Import drv X X
LaUf lau Text Step Width Manager mod X
LAYO pge Pages/Layers mod X X
LFRM lin Lines mod X X X
MALN aln Align Tools mod X
MaSt mak Macro Manager mod X
MBAR bar Barcode Generator mod X X X
MCDO cdo Colour Dialog Opener mod X X X
MCHL chl Guides (SL) mod X X X
MDOC doc Document Doctor mod X X X X
MeSs mas Measurement Module mod X
mkGL gli GuideLiner mod X
MLIB lib LIBerty mod X
MLOC loc Locator mod X
MPOS pos Positioner mod X
MRAL ral RAL CLASSIC + RAL DESIGN Colour Palettes mod X
nCOO coo Coordinates Manager mod X
NoTi not Notio mod X X
nSAR sar SAR Module (Search & Replace) mod X
PACi pac STaD-Graphik (PAC) drv X X
PANC pan Pantone Color Palettes mod X X
PANE pan Pantone Color Palettes mod X X
PCXi pcx Paintbrush PCX (Import) drv X X
PDFI ip3 Calipso 3 PRO mod X
pdfi i3l Calipso 3 lite (Simple PDF Import) mod X X
PDFp pdf PDF Print prin X
PLTE plt CalPlot mod X
PSDx psdx PSD Import/Export (simple) drv X X
RAWi raw Raw Image Bitmaps drv X X
RFRM ras Raster areas mod X X X
RPSi rps ReproStudio Pages (RPS) drv X X
SCOS sep Colour separation mod X X X
SeLE sel Select mod X
STYL sty Text Style mod X X X
SYST sys System Parameters mod X X X X
T602 t602 T602 Import drv X X X
TEXT txt Text mod X X X
TGAi tga Targa Import drv X X
Tiff tifl TIFF Import/Export (Tiffie lite) drv X X X
UNDO und UNDO Module mod X X X
UTIL ut2 Toolbox PLUS mod X X
VCHK vch Version Checker mod X X X X
VECT ved Vector Graphics Module mod X X X
VOBJ vob V Objects mod X
WPFi wpf WordPerfect Text Import drv X X
XMRG mrg Merge mod X
XVER ver Multicolor Blend mod X
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