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1999-08-05: SL99 USA version ships in August (en)

Many of the inquiries and calls we received in the last time have one topic only: When will the SL99 be shipped?

The English release of Calamus SL99 was scheduled to be shipped in May 99. Now we are about to ship the SL99 USA version in August 1999. Those of you which have already purchased the SL99 USA version, will get informations from our shipping department if credit cards have expired in the meantime. We apologize for any inconveniences and we appreciate your understanding and your patience.

SL99 will come with a printed English SL98 manual addendum for those of you who already work with SL98. Upgrades from older versions of Calamus will come with additional printed English SL98 and SL96 manual addendums. The re-printed English SL91 Reference Manual (about 500 pages) can be ordered separately.

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