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2000-12-07: Calamus SL2000 available (en)

SL2000 is the current Calamus for all important platforms. Only one document format for Mac, Windows and Atari. The multi-platform application is available for Windows (order the 'WindowsPack', please), TOS platforms and Apple Macintosh (order the 'TOSPack' for both TOS and Mac — MagiC Mac is required for Mac, too). Now as before we put much energy in fixing old program bugs and implementing new features. Making Calamus more stable than ever is our highest priority, we never had a more stable SL.

Calamus SL2000 is available!Order right now!

MGI Calamus SL2000 Features

Chances since SL99 are marked red)

MGI Calamus SL2000

Supported platforms and hardware:

We put the Calamus SL2000 upgrade to the list of high important wishes to all Calamus users, who did not decide to upgrade until now. You will find many advantages working with the current Calamus SL2000.

The most important new features in the Calamus 'body':

Calamus SL 2000: Die Änderungen in Version 2000 R1 PRG [08.08.2000]:

Modules, which will increase the SL2000 package:

Additional Drivers in the SL2000 package:

Additional Fonts in the SL2000 package:

What about old modules, drivers and fonts?

All modules and drivers which are a part of the Calamus SL standard package will be shipped with the current version. All additional modules and drivers from MGI (DMC), adequate systems, FRS and invers that are registered here for your Calamus version will be added to current versions if neccessary. Your old CFN fonts can still be used.

If you own additional modules for a Windows Calamus, we will add the SL equivalents, where possible. Example: You bought Bridge v2.0 for Calamus NT 1.0, you will receive Bridge 2.0 for SL with your SL2000 upgrade. We will offer an upgrade to Bridge 4.x with enhanced functions with the shipment.

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