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2000-12-09: SL2000 FAQ (en)

After we announced the SL2000 release, we got very many E-Mails with questions, questions, questions. We are glad about all these inquiries (and orders, of course). But this much is true: Many of these questions show us that there is some kind of irritation about the role of 'invers Software' and the state of Calamus at all.

Please take a look at the following Calamus SL2000 FAQ:

Calamus SL2000 FAQ:

MGI's reply: invers Software is an authorized development and distribution partner of MGI Software. invers Software is based in Loeningen, Germany, and have been licensed to develop and distribute Calamus SL. invers Software has our full support. invers Software's new SL version is a real treat.
In any event, please consider dealing with invers Software secure in the knowledge that they have all our support and authorization.
MGI does not continue the development of Calamus Publisher today. SL2000 is the current (and original) Calamus for all important platforms now again.
'invers Software' in Germany is MGI's licensed and authorized developer and re-seller for all versions of Calamus SL (Windows, Mac, and TOS). MGI does not sell Calamus SL directly.
Being an authorized distribution partner of MGI Software, we have synchronized our own Calamus user records with the lists from former DMC, MGI, adequate systems, FRS and other companies related to Calamus. We now keep and care about 25.000 'living' user addresses.
The exchange courses between US$, CAN$ and the European currency (EURO) change from day to day, more than other currencies do at this moment. So we please you to check the current courses yourself at the time you would like to order Calamus. You may make a rough (!) calculation by setting 1 EURO = 0.85 US$. Please add 20 DM shipping costs.
If you like to talk to our English distributor, we please you to contact
Brandt Fernandes (Europe) Ltd.
17-19 Blackwater Street
Fon +44 (20 8) 693 33 55
Fax +44 (20 8) 693 69 36
You will find our other Calamus distribution partners at: Contact.
Basically, Calamus SL2000 will be shipped on CD with a personal matchcode, without extra charge. If you order both the WindowsPack and TOSPack versions, one Pack has the mentioned price, while the second Pack will be charged with additional 30 DM only. We do not charge twice the upgrade price, if you need both Packs. Important: TOS users need to have a CD-ROM drive, too. Please prepare your TOS system for long filenames.
We keep almost every sold additional module for almost every Calamus user in our records. When you receive your version of Calamus SL2000, you will probably find a floppy disk containing some updates of your additional modules — free of charge. A printed database list sheet will inform you about recommended upgrades of additional modules.
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