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2001-01-05: New distributor for the UK (en)

We announce that a personal change at System Solutions took place in the last weeks. Karl Brandt and Shiuming Lai from System Solutions have changed their business targets. So a new distributor for all 'invers' products in Great Britain has been defined.

Atari WorkStore
El Fernandes
P.O. Box 3768
BRACKNELL, RG42 7YL (United Kingdom)
Fon +44 (13 44) 89 00 08
Fax +44 (13 44) 89 00 09

We are very glad to have El Fernandes and his team in our distribution network right now. The English and Irish market will be supported even more direct and professional by these Atari professionals. Please do not hesitate and contact them with your inquiries and orders. Of course they sell and support PC and Mac software, too.

By the way: We are still looking for Native speaking people who would like to translate our German Calamus module manuals into English, Français, and Nederlands. If you would like to help us in this big job, please contact or El Fernandes immediately. Thank you.

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