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2005-01-07: Cold weather, hot prices: All Calamus upgrades for 69 EUR

Please allow some more colors in this news.

All Calamus upgrades to SL2003 full version at the same price!

This is new at invers Software. Get your SL2003 full version from any old Calamus version —
pay 69 EUR only!
You save up to 130 EUR!

Calamus all inclusive (Calamus SLC 2003 Complete Edition) has an even more attractive price:
1.999 EUR only!
Here you save 500 EUR!

Just keep one point in mind:
You have to decide and purchase until March 31, 2005 as this cold weather action price period will expire then.

No discussions.

So you better purchase your upgrade right now!


Furthermore, we bundled some very interesting module packages at breath-taking cold weather action prices for you. Check them out and complete your Calamus tools with these optimum module packages.

The Production Bundle Bridge 7 PRO + Calipso 3 PRO (full versions) reg. 398 EUR now only 222 EUR
The Construction Bundle Align Tools + Document Information + Collector + Cut´n´Crop Marks + Positioner + Virtualizer reg. 198 EUR now only 129 EUR
The Comfort Bundle Macro Manager + LIBerty + Locator + Select reg. 226 EUR now only 149 EUR
The Creativity Bundle LineArt 2 + Multicolor Blend reg. 128 EUR now only 79 EUR
These bundle prices are valid for new purchases only and cannot be split to single module orders with rebate.



Are they nuts at invers Software, you will be going to ask yourself. Right?
In the last months, some long-time Calamus users asked us how we will proceed with Calamus. When we announced the development of iCalamus for Mac OS X, many users contacted us, some being irritated, some being exited.
But there are also active users who worry about a further development of their beloved Calamus SL at all. Many of you have a library of Calamus documents built in years and you will of course not miss them somewhen.
Calamus SL and iCalamus just share the name at this time. Calamus SL was and is our proven main product while iCalamus will discover new worlds and find many new customers there.
Calamus SL will take profit from a success of iCalamus, too. This will be your profit. iCalamus will not be able and load Calamus SL documents or SL modules. But it helps paying the further SL development, too.
What's up with Calamus right now?
Both Calamus SL and iCalamus are under parallel development while of course the main work is done for iCalamus at this time (we want this new baby to take its first steps in the new world soon).
This indicates that we cannot announce a date for the next Calamus SL upgrade now. We used to skip year numbers in Calamus upgrades before and in fact skipped the SL2004. We're busy developping SL2005 — you do not really want to see the process but the result: a completely new text formatting approach and further integration in the Windows and Mac OS systems are under development. And even the new vector output engine can be located at the horizon.
For you and us, it's more effective to only work with and for the current Calamus SL. Therefore, we want to invite almost every single Calamus user to get the current full version for breath-taking 69 EUR only. If you use a rather old version of Calamus (and it really doesn't matter if it came from DMC, MGI, invers or a Calamus dealer somewhere in the world), simply take your chance now!
We do not support old Calamus versions when developping modules for Calamus SL. Please do support the Calamus and module development by upgrading from your older Calamus to SL2003 full version.


The price campaign's deadline is March 31, 2005.

  1. Use the edit field Additional remarks in the order form.
  2. Visit our Calamus forum.
  3. Report bugs and feature requests in our new Bug Tracking System.
  4. Send us an and tell us about your wishes, questions and orders.
  5. Last but not least: Yes, we love being called by phone (or Skype 'ulfdunkel')! Ulf Dunkel himself can be reached at the phone during the support hours. He listens to every language in the world patiently, but understands and speaks only English, German, Dutch — et un tres petit peux Français.

Order now: Currencies Calculator

Calamus SL 2003
(Calamus SL 2003 see below)
Calamus SL 2015 (Release 4)
Full version (new purchase)
reg. 699.00 EUR
only 199.00 EUR
Calamus SL 2015 Additional License(s)
each (as of 3rd user)
99.00 EUR
Calamus SL 2003 Upgrade
Calamus SL 2015 Upgrade (Release 4)
from older Calamus full versions
Please select old Calamus version: 
99.00 EUR
Calamus SL 2015 Upgrade (Release 4)
from older Calamus lite versions
Please select old Calamus version: 
reg. 649.00 EUR
only 149.00 EUR
Calamus LE 2015 (lite edition) (Release 4)
50.00 EUR
Calamus LE 2015 (lite edition) (Release 4) Upgrade from older lite editions
50.00 EUR
Calamus SL 2003
Calamus SLC2015 (complete edition) (Release 4)
Complete Edition at a special price – You save %%saving%% % right now.
Package Contents | Feature List
reg. 1999.00 EUR
only 999.00 EUR
Calamus SLC2015 Additional License(s)
each (as of 3rd user)
99.00 EUR
Calamus SLC2015 Upgrade
Yes, I want to get all additional modules and upgrades for becoming an SLC2015 Complete Edition user.

If you work with Calamus already and do want to get the completed version Calamus SLC2015, take the advantage of our special offer. If you purchase the SLC upgrades for your current version of Calamus, you will get a special 25 % for SLC users.)

25 % rebate
Align Tools + Document Info + Collector + Crop Marks + Positioner + Virtualizer
The Constructive Bundle
reg. 214.00 EUR
only 149.00 EUR
Bridge 6 PRO + Calipso 3 PRO
The Production Bundle
reg. 348.00 EUR
only 299.00 EUR
LIBerty + Locator + Macro Manager + Select4
The Comfort Bundle
reg. 226.00 EUR
only 149.00 EUR
LineArt + MultiColour Blends
The Creative Bundle
reg. 128.00 EUR
only 108.00 EUR
Shipping Costs
I want to download this software! Send the invoice via e-mail.
(I accept the legal notes from invers software and understand that I cannot return E-Mail shipped software.)
reg. 10,00 EUR
now 0,00 EUR

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