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2005-01-31: Calipso 3.14 (en)

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If you are sure you should have this free update, too, but you don't find it in your Service Area, please don't hesitate to send us a short e-mail. We will then check your module update status. We also recommend the VersjonsSjekker module in order to check your module versions.

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Calipso 3 PRO
Calipso 3 PRO (v 3.34)
(PDF Import)
24 % Special Rebate (01.–26.12.2016)
former 249,00 EUR
reg. 149,00 EUR
now 113,24 EUR
Calipso 3 PRO (v 3.34) Upgrade from Calipso 1 PRO

24 % Special Rebate (01.–26.12.2016)
former 179,00 EUR
reg. 79,00 EUR
now 60,04 EUR

Bridge 6 PRO + Calipso 3 PRO
The Production Bundle
24 % Special Rebate (01.–26.12.2016)
former 348,00 EUR
reg. 299,00 EUR
now 227,24 EUR

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reg. 10,00 EUR
now 0,00 EUR

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