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2006-05-24: Happy Birthday, Calamus!

Calamus SL celebrates its 15th birthday.

Enjoy the party.

To have much fun on a birthday, we're used to have a party and get lots of gifts. Sometimes the birthday child gets gifts, sometimes the guests get some. Best choice is giving gifts to both. We celebrate a virtual party for 15 days and give you half the Calamus as a birthday gift. Furthermore, we grant 15% birthday rebate on all purchase modules.

Spend much more attention to your Calamus now and check if you still miss one or the other module. Get it now. The Calamus birthday party will end on June 08, 2006 (midnight).

Calamus SL has birthday. Here is the current birthday price list.

Do you still remember?

On May 24, 1991, Calamus SL has been published for the first time ever. We have walked a long way since these days, haven't we? Many of you will still remember, for sure. The former editor (DMC) had proudly announced this version as a milestone. Absolutely true, as Calamus was the most powerful and most professional software for Atari computers then. 16.7 millions of colors instead of poor black & white, finally. Rasterization and color separation at last. And modules, modules, modules ...

Also the remainder of this story is well-known. DMC let a Danish crew portate Calamus SL for Windows &ndash but nevertheless PC Calamus did never get really strong in the Windows market. In 1995, DMC sold the Calamus rights to the Canadian company MGI who worked in the field of image processing tools for Windows so far. MGI developed the PC Calamus up to Calamus Publisher 2.0 (but cancelled the whole project in late 1998 just before release).

Since 1995, Michael Monscheuer continued the development of Calamus SL for DMC, later on for invers Software. Major development steps followed which can be checked in details right here. In 2000, invers Software did not succeed to buy the Calamus rights from MGI, but then MGI was swallowed by ROXIO. In 2002, Ulf Dunkel finally purchased the Calamus rights from ROXIO.

Since then, another major upgrade to SL2003 and the current upgrade to SL2006 have been released. At the same time, we started in 2003 to create a completely native publisher for Mac OS X, which will be released in the near future: iCalamus

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