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Thanks for all the years of support. I've been using Calamus since the beginning, and I still have the Original,(working Atari) computers. I intend to continue using the software into my retirement years, Because it always gave me some abilities that were unique, and not found in the big name software.

Good Luck,and Thanks. You will be missed!


Thanks for supporting Calamus for so long, my first outing in DTP many years ago (have the original and 98). Best of luck for the future (maybe release the source code for us diehard Atari ST'ers at some point down line? ;)


Thank you for all help during all theese years.


Here is America we believe in going to Court and Suing!!! I am suing you, to prevent you from going out of business - You're toast....


I probably missed your last news, so that, I could not believe your 2018-03-16 18.09 email; quite shocking news to me. I really hope that you are not closing your company due to health problems.

I would like to get again one Calamus printed manual, and hard case, so that please keep one for me ( may I ask your signature and dedication our 19th years acquaintance?)

I’m with Calamus since 1992 BW, then 98-99 Calamus SL with you. I had Didot, Lineart, Tipeart, standalone.

I do not digest or understand what’s going on.


Once bought, but never so clever to open the calamu8s light version, and never worked with it, it was a clever system, but not for me.

Very sorry jou arte leaving now. Perhaps se you in another branchr.


Sorry to hear the end of Calamus is here - but thank you for supporting it for so long.

I have been with Calamus I believe almost as long as you have, as I also bought an Atari ST around 1985 I think - and I learned to know the guys programming/or translating Calamus to Danish in the very beginning, as they lived not far from my place. I actually read thru the first manual they made, and corrected typos therein. They were 3 young danish guys and Atari lovers as so many others at that time - they were sitting programming in their little office close to the Zoo in Odense, and I paid them a visit now and then. Nice fellows by the way.

Well - time passes by quickly and now it is time for you to retire from Calamus. Although I have only used it for my private stuff - you know, invitations - checklists - songs etc. I have always loved that program as it is so powerfull, and yet so simple to use. Now a days I use it for my Mac and will continue to do so as long as possible.

I´ll wish you luck on your way in life, and once again - thank you for the great job you’ve done.


I wonder if there many using Calamus on their Macs. I hope so. I do, after years of training on the Atari! with a 1040, and a large monitor, It is an ausgezeichnete programme. Many congratulations on the business and it's success for the future. Danke für Deine Gutheit! All the best for your Pensionierung. I am 82 and enjoy it. So much to do!


I wanted to thank you again for keeping Calamus and Atari alive until 2018!


I wish you would not stop.


It is very sad for me that Calamus is coming to an end, I have used the software since it was first released in the 1980's. I am going to buy all the modules I do not have so I do not loose the chance to get them.

A sad long time customer of 20+ years (that makes me old)


Thank you so much for your message… You cannot imagine how sad I was knowing that after practically 30 years the story of Calamus will end!

I’m one of the first fan and first user in1991 here in Switzerland. Back in these years, starting 1989, I worked for the first shop that sold Atari ST computers, and for sure Calamus products, in

You made a wonderful job with Calamus, and it’s always incredible to still use it on my Atari Falcon or my PC. Thanks again for all your work.


Thanks much for all your support through the years... Take care and good luck in all that you do.


Bad news than you out of business after 31st march :( Best regards and good luck in new business.


Thank Ulf for everything... I appreciated everything you have done for all of us. Take care and good luck....


This is very sad news! I have used Calamus daily for nearly 3 decades, to do all the print jobs around the school. Thousands of students world-wide are using certificates that I've made in Calamus for various music awards, and made available as pdf files.

I trust and hope for you that the next phase of your life, and whatever projects you may be involved in, are even more rewarding! Thank you so much for all you've done!


Although I have not used Calamus for more than 10 years now, I always have enjoyed it while I was making our little magazine on electronic Music. Calamus gave me the opportunity to make a good looking magazine, including photos and with a good layout.

Herewith I want to thank you for this great tool and for all the effort you have put into it! I want to wish you all the best for the future and I hope you will find new and interesting work or hobby!


Sorry to hear of closure of Calamus etc. It was truly the most inspiring piece of software and system of it's time and still is. It no doubt helped to get me where I am today. The whole software market and lack of choice is surely a catastrophe, In fact the whole world is.

It was a privilege to be part of the revolution and evolution in the1980's through 2000's. I wish you good luck and every success for the future.


What’s going to happen with Calamus source code? Are you selling it?

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