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2006-07-01: Calamus 1.0 and invers Software birthday party!

Calamus 1.0 celebrates 19th birthday.

Birthday Prices Enjoy the lower prices in July!

On July 1st, 1987, DMC released the very first Calamus version: Calamus 1.0 for Atari ST computers with 1 MB RAM, screen resolution 640 x 400 black & white. A real mile stone in history of desktop publishing. And Calamus is still alive, now since 19 years already.
Happy birthday, Calamus!

Here is a snap shot of Calamus 0.4, an early development study on the way to the first release. For all nostalgic fans with real Atari hardware or an Atari emulator: we give you the 0.4 as a free download now. Enjoy. (Please ask your doctor or local drug store dealer for support on Calamus 0.4.)

Calamus 0.4


Calamus pre-release 0.4
(for TOS systems only)

(144 kB, Built 06/28/2011)

15 years invers Software

Darksoft Systems Löningen was the name of the first company, Ulf Dunkel founded on July 1st, 1991. The main topics were software development and desktop publishing services. Of course the first tool of his choice was Calamus 1.0, later Calamus SL.

1993 he bought the well-known Calamus desktop setter office Avanti from Oldenburg in Northern Germany and melted both companies into Darksoft//AVANTI.

1994 Ulf Dunkel founded the inversmedia Edition with Jürgen Funcke from Freiburg and Frank Müller from Saarbrücken, because the Calamus support of the original Calamus producer DMC was really insufficient. Starting in November 1994, they published a magazine for typography and layout, named invers with Calamus being the main topic, of course.

In September 1997, MGI from Canada who had purchased the Calamus rights in the meantime, granted inversmedia the distribution rights for Calamus SL which then boomed again in its market.

1998 inversmedia was split because of the increased software distribution business. Ulf Dunkel continued this work as of May 1998 with his invers Software Vertrieb and distributed the big bunch of Calamus modules, too. With the enlarged product portal and with iCalamus, the completely new developed publisher for Mac OS X, invers Software continues a successful company's history today.

And now we want to celebrate again. We grant fantastic birthday rebates for the whole July: 50% on all Calamus prices, 15% on all modules. Celebrate, upgrade your Calamus stuff now.

Calamus 1.0 and invers Software celebrate birthday!Here's the current birthday price list.

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