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Measurement Module

Measurement Module

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Measurement Module (requires at least Calamus SL 2006): The current version number is 3.03.

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Working on perfect measure scales direct in your layout – this is of course not only the wish of all those, who have to design house fronts, cars or trucks. Even catalog designers, who have to place their new collection of pens or watches exactly in scale 1:1, will find the measure module to be a very powerful tool. You might e.g. scan your butterfly photographs with the same resolution, then measure one of the pictures and define the measured span of the wings as the original scale. Then you load the following images and resize them with a single mouse click to this scale! Do you really want to waste more time for this?

Tools Measure Protocol Settings

Because Calamus supports almost every document size, we do not bother if you like to print your Grandpa's oldtimer in scale 1:1.

You can measure distances, free angles and angles to Null, polygon lines and even surfaces of irregular objects! The measured values are set to the protocol in the module's panel.

Frame Values

Set Measurement

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