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Select (requires at least Calamus SL 2006): The current version number is 4.00.

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Small ideas are often best ideas. The idea behind the Select module: to be able and select all frames in the whole document at once. What for? Who cares. – This idea gave birth to a powerful tool which enforces you to relayout even largest documents until your computer burns (metonymic, of course).

Imagine you have to move all text frames in a 500 pages book document 4mm to the right. Not a problem with Select!

Or you just want to quickly optimize all image frames with a lower resolution than 196dpi for Fax transmission? Not a problem with Select!

Here is a difficult one: Load an old document from Calamus 1.09 and find that the frame coordinates recalculation kind of disturbed all values slightly so they are no longer as desired. 1.0inch became 0.999397inch, etc. – Now you know the answer to this problem. Right: Select. Saving time can also save money!

Select is a completely redesigned and enhanced version of the former SELEKT module. It offers rich tools to solve almost every issue with multiple frames in large documents.

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