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2004-08-23: Noch eine Woche Sommerrabatt für Module (de)

Imposition PRO
Imposition PRO (No Norwegian short description found)
Impose your documents in the way professionals do: print forms up to 32 pages, various imposition schemes, all page sizes! If you want to print books or other documents with many pages, you will love this tool. It supports the High-Resolution Data Manager, too.

Bridge 7 PRO
Bridge 7 PRO (No Norwegian short description found)
Object based PostScript output for PS typesetters, EPS export, data converter and data export.
Bridge 6 offers PDF, PostScript and EPS export with embedded fonts, as well as JPEG and GIF89a export.

Calipso 3 PRO
Calipso 3 PRO (No Norwegian short description found)
Import PDF documents in Calamus – editable! Images are editable in fine data resolution, not only preview! All vector graphics are editable WYSIWYG, text imports as vector text. No text wrap errors because of missing fonts! Switch the vector frames to editable text frames optionally.

Filter module
Filter module (No Norwegian short description found)
Important tool for image processing with filters: Soften, sharpen, reliefs, rotation, etc.

Merge (No Norwegian short description found)
Create half transparent masks and soft overlaps in Calamus documents. Plus colour separation control and frame stamp functions.

Paint (No Norwegian short description found)
The 'paint program de luxe' within Calamus. Forget about Brush! Powerful own Undo recorder. Many painting tools, even pressure sensitive (for Wacom graphic tabletts ArtPad I and UD series).

Calamus SL has birthday. Calamus SL celebrates its 27. anniversary! Enjoy the party!
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Module mit Sommerrabatt
Imposition PRO (v 3.53)
reg. 149,00 EUR
only 99,00 EUR
Imposition PRO (v 3.53) Upgrade from v1/2
reg. 79,00 EUR
only 49,00 EUR
Calipso 3 PRO (v 3.35)
(PDF Import)
reg. 249,00 EUR
only 149,00 EUR
Calipso 3 PRO (v 3.35) Upgrade from Calipso 1 PRO
reg. 179,00 EUR
only 79,00 EUR
Filter module (v 4.09)
now included: 21 filters (from all additional filter disks!):
Aquarell, Soften in direction, Brause, Dither, Rotate, 3D Rotation, Free (5x5 Matrix), Invert, Edge, Globe, Median, Polarize, Distortion, Relief, Sharpen, Shadow, Strudel, Touch, Soften, Wave, Zoom
reg. 100,00 EUR
only 79,00 EUR
Filter module (v 4.09) Upgrade from v1/2/3 (additional filter disks #1/#2 included)
reg. 50,00 EUR
only 39,00 EUR
Merge (v 4.20)
reg. 100,00 EUR
only 79,00 EUR
Merge (v 4.20) Free Update from v3
0,00 EUR
Merge (v 4.20) Upgrade from v1/2
25,00 EUR
Paint (v 3.09)
reg. 100,00 EUR
only 79,00 EUR
Paint (v 3.09) Free Update from v2
0,00 EUR
Paint (v 3.09) Upgrade from v1
25,00 EUR
Creative Bundle: Filter / Merge / Paint
reg. 237,00 EUR
only 187,00 EUR
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(I accept the legal notes from invers software and understand that I cannot return E-Mail shipped software.)
reg. 10,00 EUR
now 0,00 EUR

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