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Calamus SL: modules, drivers, additional products (en)

Here you find short descriptions of all additional products around Calamus SL. These products enhance the functions and power of Calamus SL at fair prices, step by step, just as much as you need. Get information about standard products from the SL bundle, even about old products are listed in the following popup menues.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Manuals in PDF format Wherever you see this PDF symbol, original product manuals in PDF format are available.

Align Tools
Align Tools (No Norwegian short description found)
Many important aligning tools: Align a couple of frames on themselves or on another adjustment point.

CalPlot (No Norwegian short description found)
Cut plots directly from Calamus? Of course! CalPlot cuts your vector graphics and texts directly on your plotter.

Calipso 3 PRO
Calipso 3 PRO (No Norwegian short description found)
Import PDF documents in Calamus – editable! Images are editable in fine data resolution, not only preview! All vector graphics are editable WYSIWYG, text imports as vector text. No text wrap errors because of missing fonts! Switch the vector frames to editable text frames optionally.

Coordinates Manager
Coordinates Manager (No Norwegian short description found)
Full control over all frame coordinates! The Coordinates Manager enhances the Calamus control bar. Save coordinates, call them (even single parameters), calculate with formula's and place frames with coordinates and page sizes.

Cut´n´Crop Marks
Cut´n´Crop Marks (No Norwegian short description found)
Create cut/crop marks for selected frames or frame groups, with optional colour/grey wedges. Practical tool for complex imposition layouts.

Document Information
Document Information (No Norwegian short description found)
Kind of StopWatch successor: You need this module if you want to get control over the time you spend on single documents. Recommended for typesetting jobs, etc.

Filter module
Filter module (No Norwegian short description found)
Important tool for image processing with filters: Soften, sharpen, reliefs, rotation, etc.

Findatamodul (No Norwegian short description found)
High-Resolution Data Manager swaps image data to hard disk on a single keystroke, making document file sizes smaller. So you can realize documents with even gigabytes of (theoretical) size.

FonTools (No Norwegian short description found)
Calamus Module: Powerful toolbox for font editing (CFN and Type-1), with font catalog output and Euro characters library.

GuideLiner (No Norwegian short description found)
GuideLiner is the enhanced guide line manager for Calamus SL. It covers the functions of the old guide line modules (Help Lines Module (adequate systems), Help Lines Module (by invers) and Guidelinjer (SL)) and offers new guide elements and help functions.

Imposition PRO
Imposition PRO (No Norwegian short description found)
Impose your documents in the way professionals do: print forms up to 32 pages, various imposition schemes, all page sizes! If you want to print books or other documents with many pages, you will love this tool. It supports the High-Resolution Data Manager, too.

Indekser PRO
Indekser PRO (No Norwegian short description found)
Create professional text indices in no time, even in projects with many documents. Now with word groups, jokers and many other index parameters.

KUTE (No Norwegian short description found)
CUTE is the professional cut 'n' crop mark editor for all your Calamus documents.

LIBerty (No Norwegian short description found)
Manage all your used graphics and other data directly in Calamus. Library functions and overview windows help finding important logos, images, etc.

LineArt 2
LineArt 2 (No Norwegian short description found)
Enhanced vector graphics editor: path text editing, projections, enhanced vector edit functions. Even link all types of frames in vector frames and proceed editing them.

Locator (No Norwegian short description found)
Mark and jump to any pages, positions and zoom steps. This module is a real must for busy Calamus workers!

Macro Manager
Macro Manager (No Norwegian short description found)
If you got lost in a long list of Calamus macros, you need Macro Manager. Sort your command key lists, save even parts of a list, share and reload them. Directly call macros from the macro overview window.

Measurement Module
Measurement Module (No Norwegian short description found)
Working on perfect measure scales direct in your layout – this is of course not only the wish of all those, who have to design house fronts, cars or trucks.

Merge (No Norwegian short description found)
Create half transparent masks and soft overlaps in Calamus documents. Plus colour separation control and frame stamp functions.

Multicolor Blend
Multicolor Blend (No Norwegian short description found)
Use Multicolor Blend if you want to create raster blends with any number of colours, various angles and scaleable distortion. (Forget about the old Blend module.)

PDF Print
PDF Print (No Norwegian short description found)
PDF-Print offers print output to PDF files. These PDF files do no longer contain vector objects or text but only 'plane' document pages as images. If you chose monochrome output, they are even rasterized. All Calamus specialties like masks, transparencies, arrow peaks, etc. are kept on output.

PNG Import
PNG Import (No Norwegian short description found)
Use the new Internet image format with Calamus, too.

PS Print
PS Print (No Norwegian short description found)
PS Print outputs Calamus document pages into monochrom PS pages, even colour separated and screened by the Calamus SoftRIP engine. The PS files may contain high resolution film setting data and can be saved uncompressed as well as in three compression modes.

PSD Import PRO
PSD Import PRO (No Norwegian short description found)
Special import driver for Adobe Photoshop images. Creates separate images for existing additional layers (e.g. for masks or clipping paths) on the document page for direct editing. But that's not all . . .

Paint (No Norwegian short description found)
The 'paint program de luxe' within Calamus. Forget about Brush! Powerful own Undo recorder. Many painting tools, even pressure sensitive (for Wacom graphic tabletts ArtPad I and UD series).

Personalizer + Numbering Machines
Personalizer + Numbering Machines (No Norwegian short description found)
Produce form mails with Calamus, even with any number of data records and document pages. Print copies or series.

Positioner (No Norwegian short description found)
Are you rather constructing than creating documents? Then Positioner will give you all tools you need for exact positioning of frames anywhere. Use any point as a relation point, use diagonal mirroring axes, rotate in fixed distances to free relation points, etc.

RAL CLASSIC + RAL DESIGN Colour Palettes (No Norwegian short description found)
RAL palettes for Calamus: RAL CLASSIC (194 colours) + RAL DESIGN (1.688 colours) for artworks printing (K), offset prints on natural coated papers (N) and newspaper prints (Z).

SAR Module (Search & Replace)
SAR Module (Search & Replace) (No Norwegian short description found)
Search and replace single raster area or line frame parameters or text styles globally in the whole document, without touching the other parameters of these frames.

Samler (No Norwegian short description found)
This one handles all vector graphics: Let each vector element explode into its own vector frame! Of course vice versa.

Select (No Norwegian short description found)
Imagine you have to move all text frames a quarter inch to the right in a 500 pages document. Or you have to optimize all image frames which are beyond 196 dpi for fax output in no time. No problem for Select! (That's not all it offers, of course.)

TIFF Print
TIFF Print (No Norwegian short description found)
TIFF image output to file, from monochrome to CMYK in all colour depths, compressed or uncompressed. Perfect in production work flow with TIF Spooler.

TIFF Spooler
TIFF Spooler (No Norwegian short description found)
The TIFF spooler makes Calamus become a powerful print server, also and even recommended for slow computers.

Text Step Width Manager
Text Step Width Manager (No Norwegian short description found)
Adjust text step widths the comfortable way: use the step width control curve management and apply it automatically to the current document.

Tiffie (No Norwegian short description found)
Tiffie is a powerful TIFF import/export driver which does not only support all kinds of compressed TIFF variants but also handles alpha channels, mask paths and automatic text flow in Calamus. Tiffie and the High-Resolution Data Manager are the perfect couple.

Type Art
Type Art (No Norwegian short description found)
TypeArt 2 is an external TOS program for creating, editing and caring Calamus fonts in CFN format. It loads and saves CVG and EPS graphics, too. Very rich vector editing functions.
Now bundled with Type-2-Type, a font converter from PS Type 1 (PC format with file extension *.PFB) to Calamus format *.CFN.

V Objects
V Objects (No Norwegian short description found)
Create any kind of n squares (e.g. squares with any number of corners), stars with any number of peaks, arrows with adjustable tips and ends. All created graphics will be placed in the selected vector graphic frame.

Virtualizer (No Norwegian short description found)
Virtualize frames which were completely independant before, and change complex document layout in no time – even shortly before printing date.

If you still miss a module, driver or additional program, don't worry. For sure there will be more to come. You know: Calamus is alive.

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